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The Strange Saga of the 27th Amendment

However, there does exist a case that was heard back in that tackled the issue of an amendment not having a specific ratification date, similar to the process in which the 27th Amendment had been tied up. Watson then decided to prove his argument by starting a one-man campaign to fight for the addition of the 27th Amendment to the Constitution.

So instead, he proposed that an election had to happen before any pay raise could take effect. Ten of these, numbers 3—12, were ratified fifteen months later and are known collectively as the Bill of Rights. That year Gregory Watson, a sophomore at the University of Texas, was assigned to write a paper about a government process.

Inspired by these victories, Watson spent several thousand dollars out of pocket on the drafting and mailing of even more letters to state legislators across the U. Reprinted here for educational purposes only. Ten of those amendments were approved and became known as the Bill of Rights, but this one languished for another years, making it the longest ratification process in U.

On September 9,the Senate approved a culled and consolidated package of twelve articles of amendment. Today marks the 26th anniversary of the amendment's ratification inand it seems likely we won't see a 28th amendment for some time. May 7, by Scott Bomboy The 27th Amendment is the most recent amendment to the Constitution, and its existence today can be traced to a college student who proposed the idea in a term paper and was given a C by his professor for the idea.

Text[ edit ] No law, varying the compensation for the services of the Senators and Representatives, shall take effect, until an election of Representatives shall have intervened.

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Recent Daily News Articles. He laughed, and said that a reporter had tracked her down, and told her Watson had gotten the Constitution amended. To put into perspective the history of the 27th Amendment and its passage, the President at the time of its official ratification was William Jefferson Clinton.

The details of the case are as follows.

How a college term paper led to a constitutional amendment

Both the textual and the structural concerns that underlie Article V had been satisfied. The other two amendments, however, remained unapproved, including what would eventually become the 27th Amendment.

On September 24,the committee issued its report, which finalized 12 proposed amendments for the House and Senate to consider. Don Wilson, then acting as Archivist of the United States, was obligated under federal law to certify it, thereby making it "valid, to all intents and purposes, as a part of the Constitution of the United States.

What do you think about Mr. When Watson began his campaign in earlyhe was only aware of ratification by six states and he erroneously believed that Virginia's approval was the last action taken by the states.

Twenty-seventh Amendment to the United States Constitution

InMadison proposed twelve amendments to the federal Constitution, the first ten of which were ratified in and became the federal Bill of Rights. And Congress voiced its support of the amendment in a near unanimous vote. As the country continued to grow, and a three-fourths majority became harder to attain, the plight of the congressional pay amendment became less important.

Supreme Court play in passing on the validity of the ratification of constitutional amendments. Supreme Court ruled that the validity of state ratifications of a constitutional amendment is political in nature—and so not a matter properly assigned to the judiciary.

Yet he spent his own money to mail countless papers to legislatures throughout the country, and to pay the long distance phone bill so he could give assistance. Maybe if he had received a better grade on his paper, the story would have ended there, but Watson was sure it was a better paper, so he appealed his grade, first to his T.

One final question is raised by the odd ratification process of the Twenty-Seventh Amendment: The registrar approved a grade change to "A", because the university does not give grades higher than "A".

Undeterred, Watson started a self-financed campaign to get the amendment ratified. He wrote his paper on the congressional pay amendment, arguing that there was no time limit on when it could be ratified, and that it could be ratified now.

Undeterred, Watson started a self-financed campaign to get the amendment ratified. The North Carolina ratifying convention proposed several amendments to the Constitution including the following: The Interactive Constitution is being developed over the course of the next two years.

Congress then passed a measure agreeing that the amendment was indeed valid. In short, he is not a man of great means.

For example, the 27th Amendment was proposed almost years before it was finally ratified by the states. Watson still feels that Boehner hijacked his work. May 05,  · The Bad Grade That Changed The U.S. Constitution The 27th Amendment had languished for nearly years before a Texas student made passing it a personal cause.

The amendment was ratified 25 years. May 30,  · 27th Amendment or Bust. John Heltman. May 30, researching a term paper he was going to write on the Equal Rights Amendment.

He happened upon a book published by the Government Printing Office that included a copy of the Constitution, as well as several amendments that had been passed by Congress but not yet ratified.

27th Amendment or Bust

The 27th Amendment is the most recent amendment to the Constitution, and its existence today can be traced to a college student who proposed the idea in a term paper and was given a. The Twenty-Seventh Amendment has one of the most unusual histories of any amendment ever made to the U.S.

Constitution. Congress passed the Twenty-Seventh Amendment by a two-thirds vote of both Houses, inalong with eleven other proposed constitutional amendments (the last ten of which were ratified by the states inbecoming the Bill of Rights).

The 27th Amendment's Year Wait. The 27th and final amendment to the U.S. Constitution—the amendment dealing with changes to congressional compensation—was first proposed on September.

The history of the 27th Amendment becomes even more interesting when considering how the amendment was ultimately reintroduced. Texas university student Gregory D. Watson actually discovered the outstanding amendment inwhile doing research for a school paper.

27th amendment paper
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